- Bloemfontein -

Game and Nature Reserves


Cheetah Experience’s concept is to breed with cheetahs in captivity and then to one day be able to release them back into a ‘protected’ wild.


The Free State National Botanical Garden, located just outside Bloemfontein covers 70 hectacres, and is home to about 400 species of plants.


In Bagamoya Wildlife Estate You will see Lions, Tigers, White Lions, Red Cats, Cheetahs, Red Jackal, Tierboskat, Bat-eared Fox, different types of water-birds from all over the world, different birds from all over the world, Wallabies, and miniature Reindeer.


Bloemfontein Zoo is the perfect opportunity to learn about some of the wildlife we have in South Africa. You can stroll around the grounds which cover an area of approximately 15 hectares and see a variety of animals which include over 65 mammal species and a large variety of birds.


Zanchieta Wild Cat Farm is situated in the heart of the Free State province in South Africa just 22km from the city of Bloemfontein. Zanchieta is essentially a wild cat rehabilitation facility and is home to an extensive “pride” consisting of most of South Africa’s great (and lesser) cats.